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Now, when you start Pinning those amazing dream kitchen remodels that you see plastered all over the internet……most of the time, that is not feasible or cost effective!  But a minor kitchen remodel that will keep the lid on costs, that’s doable!  So instead of replacing those kitchen cabinets, how about refacing them.  The other popular projects?  New flooring, countertops and modestly priced appliances. 

The kitchen is the center of the home.  Because of that, everyone wants and is willing to update the kitchen.  The return on investment for a kitchen update is modest, 67% on a $30,000 average cost of an update.  But it will last when it comes to be satisfied.  When surveyed, 82% of homeowners said that their kitchen update gave them a greater desire to be home, and 95% of them were happy and satisfied with the result. Remodel Company Mesa AZ

Another popular area of the home to invest in, is the deck and patio.  According to a Home Trends Survey done in 2014, the love for outdoor living spaces, especially the deck area and patio, are rising. 

One of the most compelling reasons to invest in a patio or deck upgrade is the low cost.  Expect to pay anywhere from $8 to $35 a square foot.  This is a bargain compared to an average cost of $150 a square foot for a new addition to the home.  Remodel Company Mesa AZ


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