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Painting the Front Door

No one wants their home to just blend into the background!  We want our home to be the best looking home on the street!  Even if you’re aren’t considering changing your exterior color scheme, a new fresh coat of paint on the front door could be just what your home needs to look refreshed again! 


Take a look at this color guide and learn which hue will work best for your exterior door! 


Yellow:  This is such a welcoming color!  Yellow often is identified with the feeling of happy, high energy, and warmth.  A bright and lively yellow can help to freshen up and gloomy exterior. 


Bright Red:  Red is a very moving color—it is known to bring life, power, passion and strength to it’s surroundings.  If you are wanting to make a statement, a bright red door will do just that! 


Deep Red:  Bright to audacious for you or your home?  Then maybe just deepen the red to more of a crimson tone.  This is more sophisticated than a bright red and certain shades can almost work as a neutral. 


Orange:  This is a color that can go wrong……fairly quickly.  But, this shouldn’t stop you from considering it!  Orange just needs the right complementing tones.  Orange is great in small doses and can look very modern and welcoming. 


Green:  Love the outdoors?  Then choose green and let it play off your surrounding landscape.  Green has many different beautiful tones: olive, mint, or even lime!  There is bound to be a shade of green that will fit with your home’s exterior! Professional Remodel Gilbert AZ


Blue:  Blue is a color found more indoors than outdoors but if you want to shake things up, try pairing a bright blue with a natural or neutral exterior!  This will bring a much unexpected welcome to the home!


Purple:  Just like orange…….too much can veer towards a gaudy and crazy home.  Purple is great in small doses.  Just stick with it in one small thing (front door) and go neutral everywhere else.  Professional Remodel Gilbert AZ


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