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Molding Types for Kitchen Cabinetry

Molding of any kind can make a project look custom.  When molding is applied to kitchen cabinetry, the details can help to enhance the most basic cabinet style.  There are so many configurations and designs available; crown molding, edge molding, and so much more!

  1. Traditional Crown Molding. This is the industries standard for kitchen cabinets.  It can be used to fill an empty space, like between the cabinets and ceiling.  Useless empty space above kitchen cabinets is a common problem.  If the average ceiling high is around 8 feet high, then using 3 to 6 inches of crown molding above the cabinets can really help to fill any kitchen cabinet gaps. 


  1. Stacked crown molding.   Some ceilings design in recent years are a bit to high for a designer to take the cabinetry all the way up, so crown molding can become such a decorative element.  Crown molding can be composed of many different pieces of molding—stacked meticulously on top of one another to form a uniformed look.  Molding is a detailed designed accent—it can be expensive.  Molding is usually priced by linear foot, and most come in 8 foot lengths.  So it is very easy for costs to add up.  Rule of thumb—the more elaborate design, the more expensive.  Professional Remodel Company in Mesa AZ



3.Stepped crown molding.  Some kitchen designs have the upper cabinets varying in height, this gives a stepped look.  So this type of molding, will have the same look.  To pull this design off, you may want some professional help!  Placing each piece of molding will need to be precisely calculated with the end of the molding butting up against an adjacent wall or cabinet.  May sound simple, but it really isn’t!  Professional Remodel Company in Mesa AZ


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