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Designing A Kitchen

Options…….something homeowner’s can’t live without!  This is, until, there are just too many!  Options can become a chore…….and I don’t know of anyone who loves chores!  The best thing to do is to set a criteria that can reflect the things that are most important to you during your remodel.  Is it style?  Maybe availability?  Or Dependability?  If you are still unsure, the best way to make a decision (and the smartest) is to go with cost.  Establish a price cap.  This will make it so much easier to navigate through the options like construction and style! 

There is every style and sub-style imaginable when it comes to cabinets!  Trends are great……but investing in one can lead you with an outdated look the next year.  Avoid the terminally trendy by following these simple tips! 


So with cabinets……frames or no frames?  Custom?  Semi-custom?  Ordering or do they HAVE to be in-stock?  Yes, still seams overwhelming but this quick little trick will help take some guesswork out of choosing your cabinets! 

Framed Cabinets:  This is a great style for a traditional kitchen. The frames (face) will be 1 ½ inches.  The doors are hinged to this. 

Frameless Cabinets: Great for a contemporary design.  The frame is hidden, and the hinges are on the inside of the box. 

Once this style has been established, it’s time to move onto how you want them constructed.  Professional Remodel Company Near Me Mesa AZ

Stock Cabinets:  These are found in big box stores.  Usually this is the cheapest route, but it’s important to know the quality and measurement issues that can arise with a prefabricated cabinet. 

Semi-Custom Cabinets:  These come in a general style but offer a customization of the type of finish and size.  This is a great compromise in price and flexibility. 

Custom Cabinets:  These are made just for you.  They will meet the exact specifications.  These are a fantastic look, but keep in the mind the price tag will be much more than the other options.  Professional Remodel Company Near Me Mesa AZ


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