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Avoid the DIY Mistakes

Wanting a new backsplash?  Maybe you’ve done that before… faucet?  No problem!  You have become a DIY master.  Now……what about the electrical issue?  Or fixing that leaky roof?  Even though you and your best friend, youtube, have managed to pull of A TON of DIY projects…...there are some projects that you should never try to do on your own! 

There are also those projects that fall somewhere in the middle… can you tell if a project is really a DIY……and a good idea for you to tackle? One great trick…….always think 10 steps ahead! 

A tiny kitchen and you may have some great ideas for it!  Install a brand-new, and very expensive fridge……and then even build a peninsula countertop extension.  Great idea, right?  Problem is, when you add something like a peninsula in a narrow space---right in front of the fridge……it makes removing the fridge IMPOSSIBLE.  Have you ever tried to lift a fridge? 

So here’s a tip, a DIY Lesson:  Measure once, measure twice, measure again…..and then think through EVERY possible scenario before you decide to change any room’s layout. Professional Remodel Company Mesa AZ

Now that we have already discussed kitchen appliances---here’s something else to think about.  Don’t always go with the cheapest option.  Looking for an island range hood?  They can be extra expensive because it has to be attractive from every single angle.  Prices are crazy…..and you may decide to shop around.  Maybe amazon has normally an $800 hood on sale for $250, but it’s a brand you have never heard of.  But….you risk it.

Problem is, a year after installation, the hood is on the fritz.  Electrical wiring has to be redone, wall needs to be drywalled….all requiring professional contractors.  It now has cost you 3 times as more.  Professional Remodel Company Mesa AZ


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