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5 Reasons to Remodel

1.  Sales Potential

Thinking about selling your home?  With today’s competitive market and seller’s wanting the most out of their home, the best way to do achieve it? Remodel your home!  The way your home looks on the inside and on the outside will determine the value and sale potential.  Fresh paint, clean shutters, new roof and making the landscape neat and tidy are simple things that you can do to enhance the curb appeal.

2.  Preparing for retirement

Not planning on moving but staying in the home through your senior years?  Then it is important for you to upgrade the home with age-in-place features like easy step-in showers with bars or installing toilets for those with limited mobility or who are in wheelchairs. 

  1.  Go Green

Utilities through the roof?  Then consider replacing your single-panel windows with energy-efficient windows so you can save hundreds in monthly bills!   

  1.  Heart of the Home = Kitchen   Professional Painting Company Gilbert AZ

This is where the magic happens in the family.  Friends, family and loved ones gather together and spend the majority of their time in the kitchen.  It’s a myth that men fall in love with women because of the bedroom…….it really is the kitchen where the “magic” happens.  So put in a new stove or replace your refrigerator.  Upgrade or repaint the cabinets to make it more functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

  1.  Bathroom

Yes it may function fine, but having new plumbing is always a plus!  Replace that boring mirror with a framed one, and add some great lighting for the morning ritual of make-up! Professional Painting Company Gilbert AZ


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