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Freshen Up the Home

Thinking of spending some extra money to remodel or freshen up the home?  If so, here are some great tips to help you decide which direction to go!


  1. Think about the Kids

Not crazy about the idea of moving because your children have loads of friends on the same street?  Or maybe you love their school and don’t even want to think about changing schools!  This is so common…….and can mean that you don’t want to go anywhere until the children are grown!  So if that is the case, why wait 10 to 15 years to remodel?  Make the home suitable for the future that is happening RIGHT NOW! 

  1.  No More Embarrassment

Those avocado green counters have got to go!  This is especially true if it keeps you from inviting friends over because they may laugh at the outdated colors in the kitchen and bathroom!  Put it some new countertops!  This is easy and not extremely costly.  Your friends may not REALLY care, but YOU do!  You will feel so much better having people over! 

  1.  Stale Home?  No more!

The house is perfect…….well, almost!  It could use a facelift.  Paint the walls and baseboards.  This will make the home feel fresh and clean, plus it is great for any homeowner on a budget! 

  1.  Make the Basement Usable   Professional Painter Mesa AZ

If you are lucky enough to have a basement……chances are, it doubles as a massive place to dump all your junk.  Convert that basement to a living space!  Media room, extra bedroom and closet…….whatever works!  This adds square footage and will increase the overall value of your home! 

  1.  Buying a New Home is Stressful

Searching for that perfect home can be stressful and time-consuming.  Instead of wasting months looking for that perfect house, maybe upgrade the bathrooms and kitchen instead!  Not an option?  Maybe remove a wall that has been bugging you and making the room feel smaller. Professional Painter Mesa AZ 


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