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Cons of Concrete Floors

Thinking of changing out your flooring?  Scraping all that tile off……..and possibly refinishing your concrete to look amazing?  Well, check out a previous article to find out the pros of concrete flooring……..and keep reading to discover the cons! 


Hardness:  While this can be considered a “pro” because of the durability, it is hard underfoot.  This can be extremely uncomfortable for some.  Concrete is also not forgiving when it comes to dropping things.  While the concrete will stay looking nice…….your glass or dish will not.  This can be a concern with the elderly and small children.  The good thing is, area rugs can help with a lot of these concerns. 

Moisture:  In basements, any moisture that migrates up from the slab can make the concrete feel damp and also damage any surface treatments like paint.  If the concrete is properly sealed, this will help. Professional Flooring Gilbert AZ

Cracking:  Even the expertly installed concrete can develop cracks over time.  Large expanse of slab will endure change in temperature, moisture, and settling.  There is colored cement paste and patching materials that can help disguise cracks. 

Environmentally Suspect:  Concrete is inert and biodegradable, but the process of making cement is not.  It takes a lot of energy and also produces carbon dioxide.  If you compare it to other building materials like steel, wood, and glass, concrete has the most embodied energy. 


Whatever you decide, do your homework.  Find out what exactly you need to know to decide if concrete floors is the right thing for you and your family.  Professional Flooring Gilbert AZ


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