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Concrete Floors

Concrete is becoming a popular flooring material.  It’s incredibly hard and strong---obviously so because it is used for streets and driveways!  It has a ton of strength and durability and you can’t scratch it or dent it! 

Concrete for flooring is way to make a fashion statement.  You can added dyes and even etching techniques.  The cost for concrete flooring can be either super cheap, $2 a square foot……to super pricey, $30 per square foot.  It all depends on the finish and what you have done to it. 

Concrete is extremely heavy, so if you are putting in new concrete floors on a grade, the weight should not be a concern.  If you are wanting to install concrete over a subfloor supported by joists, you will need the advice of a structural engineer.  They can help you figure out if your floor can stand the weight.  There is also concrete that is considered “lightweight”. 


*Low-maintenance---durable and easy to care for.  A properly sealed concrete floor will shrug off dirt, grit, stains, spills, and even a hard impact.  All that is needed is sweeping and a damp mop! Professional Floor Repair Mesa AZ

*Design Options are limitless---They can be luxurious!  So many modern techniques for finishing concrete floors.  When the wet concrete is being mixed, dyes can be added to produce a ton of different colors.  They can also be acid stained, concrete stained, or even painted (that is made for concrete).  It also can be stamped with rubber stencils.  This will give the concrete texture.  Concrete can be made to look like ceramic tile, natural stone, brick…..or even dirt. 

Heated---If its new construction, or concrete poured over an existing slab, you can add radiant heat to create a warm and comfy floor.  Professional Floor Repair Mesa AZ


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