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To Screen or Not to Screen


I’m not sure it gets any better than a front or back porch ready for you to enjoy the outdoors!  So some wonder, which is better?  To leave the porch open, or to screen it in?

For a lot of people, the deck or porch is just an extension to their living space.  Sitting on the porch, especially during Spring or early Summer is a great way to relax after a hard day at work……it also makes working in the yard or around the house easier because there is nothing like sitting and viewing the beautiful garden or birds chirping in the trees. 

Depending on what you like or where you live, you may want an open porch.  It enhances the feel of being outdoors.  The front porch should be friendly and inviting.  It’s a place to sit and watch the kids play and to show yourself friendly to the neighbors. 

But maybe your street is busy, or moths and mosquitos cramp your style.  Having a low wall with screens or windows can still give you the view, but maybe a bit more privacy and a lot less buzzing and biting!  And nothing beats a backyard screened in porch!  Keeps the bugs away, and is the perfect area for summertime sleepovers for the kiddos or grandkids! Patio Installation Mesa AZ

When you enclose a porch, you do have some added costs.  Screens along with maintenance is your typical costs. Screens can also obstruct some of your view.  If you are a DIY, you may get frustrated with the installation part and the sagging screens.  This can be easily fixed……curtains or getting some professional help with the project! Not to mention the bonus of shopping for pre-made or easy install DIY screens!  Patio Installation Mesa AZ


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