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Picking the Best Color

When a remodel happens, that usually always means paint is involved.  Some people know right away what color paint they want in their new space, while other seem to not have a clue what would be best! 

There are SO MANY color choices available today, it can be really hard to know where to even begin!  Most homeowners not only want to pick the right color, but they also want it to flow and coordinate with every room in the house.  The great news is with today’s technology there are so many resources available to help you create that personal palette you have always dreamed of! Mesa Home Remodel AZ

One of the best places to start is to think of and find your favorite rug or piece of fabric you own.  Usually these are your favorite because it contains all the colors you love.  Use these pieces to help guide you in choosing the best color for your newly remodeled walls! 

To keep the spaces uniform, consider these tips! 

Choose a color for one room and then paint the adjacent spaces with either 2 shades darker or lighter---and make sure to use the same tone from the color chip you chose! 

Beige can be a little….boring! So consider waking it up!  Add shades of the same color and this will add depth and interest!  Paint below the chair rail….maybe a deeper shade of what is already on the wall.  Then from there, choose textured curtains from that same color family!  Mesa Home Remodel AZ


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