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Foundation Problems

A foundation repair can be a simple DIY fix or a major construction.  Repair costs will vary, but when in doubt—call a pro! 


If your foundation has a crack wider than ¼ inch wide or a stairstep crack in blocks or bricks, a professional contractor can be hired to plug them.  An injection of epoxy will be the fix.  Sometimes you can do it yourself with epoxy putty.  The average cost when hired out is roughly $1500 to $3000.  Whatever you decide, you want to make sure to get it taken care of to make sure you stop water from coming in. 


The underlying problem will need to be addressed.  Usually, the most common culprit is water.  If it accumulates in the soil around the foundation, it will cause the soil to expand, thus putting pressure on the walls and foundation footings.  This is what causes cracks to appear. Mesa AZ Remodel Company


All gutters and downspout drains need to be in good working order, and should be pushing all water away from the home.  The soil around the home needs to be properly graded, sloping at least 6 inches every 10 horizontal feet.

Almost all foundations are required to have a perimeter drain system, like a French drain.  It will channel sub-surface water away from the foundation.  Sometimes the drain can become blocked, and this will cause water to accumulate in the soil and put pressure on the foundation walls.  If you think the drain is blocked, a professional will need to be called to unclog it.  Mesa AZ Remodel Company


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