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Kitchen Countertops

Mention the word “countertops” and most homeowners will say, “granite”. All with good reason of course.  They are visually stunning, durable, and a style that has lasted through all the trends.  Alternatives to granite have slowly increased in quality, giving homeowners several options to choose from. 

Laminate:  No longer bubbled Formica that you had in your home growing up.  There are huge supplies of very attractive laminate that look just like the expensive countertops, and for a fraction of the cost!

Marble:  Very much like granite, it is a classic choice for a high-end countertop.  Unlike granite, marble is very susceptible to stains and etching. 

Quartz:  Silestone/CaesarStone is also another alternative to marble and granite.  It is expensive, but it doesn’t require any sealing or constant maintenance that other materials require. 

Butcher Block:  If you want to talk about value, than butcher block is about the best there is.  It does have upkeep (oiling every 6 months) but the price to impact ratio is very attractive for many homeowners! Mesa AZ Professional Remodel Company Near Me

Solid Surface:  Corian countertops are great…..until they get scratched.  It was a very popular choice in the past, and still looks great, but many homeowners have turned away from it because there are other alternatives available that do not scratch. 

Stainless Steel:  If you a major cook or just like the sleek look, stainless steel you will love.  It is indestructible when it comes to liquids…..but scratches and fingerprints…….well, stainless steel shows it all. 

Granite:  Still the king when it comes to counters.  It looks fantastic, no massive amount of upkeep, and when it is compared to other natural Mesa AZ Professional Remodel Company Near Me


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