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Best Flooring for Garages

The garage is the place where the DIY projects come to light.  It’s also the place where tools, paints, lawn equipment, and so much more is stored.  So the garage needs to be tough enough to stand up to all that, plus 2 cars……and it also needs to be easy to clean! 

Your concrete floors can weather just about any storm, but there is a way to make it extra durable and also good-looking!  There are some great easy to install coverings for you to consider. 

Concrete Sealer

This is one of the least-expensive options, and easy to apply.  It will help protect against water, mild chemicals, oils, and road salts.  It’s very DIY friendly.  It wont hide the blemishes in your floor, so this works best for concrete that is stain and crack free.  Its available in either a glossy or matte finish. Mesa AZ Floor Repair

Concrete Stain

This is a sealer, but has pigments.  When it dries, the existing concrete surface will show through.  In order to look good, it would be best if your garage floor is already in good shape.  The stain will penetrate the concrete and it will outlast pain.  For easy application, get a water-based acrylic product.  There are stains made specifically for garage floors.   


Check out our other articles for other options available to upgrade your garage floor!  Call a professional today if you need some advice or help installing!  There are so many options to choose from, it can seem overwhelming!  But we are here to help!  Mesa AZ Floor Repair


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