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 Countertop Update

Does your kitchen need an update, but maybe the pocket book isn’t quite ready to let go for high dollar finishes?  If so, consider painting or resurfacing your countertops! 

There is such a thing called granite-look countertop paint!  It is sold in a kit that is able to cover about 35 square feet of surface area for just about $70.  This paint is specifically designed to cover laminate, solid-surfaces, ceramic tile, wood, and even cultured-marble countertops! 

Step 1:  Clean, Prep…..and then Paint!

The grease build up has GOT to come off!  Use a scouring pad and make sure to rinse well with water.  If the countertops are damaged at all, you can fill in holes or cracks with wood filler and then sand with 600-grit sandpaper.  Depending on what faux color you go with, will depend on what primer is applied first.  For the Darker look, black primer will be included in the kit.  This will allow the layers of color to show through that is daubed on top! Kitchen Remodel Company Gilbert AZ

Step 2:  Dab and Blot

The primer will need to dry, roughly around 8 hours.  After that, the mineral colors will need to be applied with a sponge.  Make sure you practice first on paper to get a feel for what random patterns you want to make.  You do not want stripes or streaks----just waves of color.  This layer will need to hen dry for at least 4 hours. 

Step 3:  Topcoat

A light sanding will then take place, and then it’s time to apply the topcoat for the final step.  The top coat will also need around four hours of drying time.  Make sure to wait a good while before putting anything heavy on the surface (toaster/microwave).  Be very gentle with the countertop and keep it dry for around 2 weeks, or until it has cured completely!  Kitchen Remodel Company Gilbert AZ


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