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One of the trickiest areas to design, is the basement.  Usually they are oddly shaped, dark, and limited in what you can do.  It is so easy to feel stuck when contemplating what design step you want to take.  Once you set aside the limitations, you’ll find it easy to create a functional spot that the whole family will love.

Here are a couple great ideas! 

Chic Screening Room

In older homes, the living rooms sometimes aren’t quite big enough to fit the entire family on movie night.  Turn the basement into a theater room!  Choose large (and comfortable) furniture and a huge TV!  If the budget allows, consider adding a small refrigerator to hold drinks and snacks…….or even a popcorn maker! 

Stylish Supper Club

Want a more luxurious space?  How about design the basement to look like a swanky supper club.  If you create a large booth or banquette that can fit all your family and friends for those special meals, that would be incredible!  Love to throw parties?  Would be great space for cocktail parties, or even wine tasting parties. 

Creative Space  Home Renovation Company Mesa AZ

Do have a creative side?  Art, crafting, music…….whatever your pursuit may be, your basement could be that space for you to start being creative!  A creative space doesn’t need to be a heavy design.  It can be raw.  Picture cement floors, wall murals, or even exposed beams. 

Family Space

Want the basement to be a space for the whole family?  If so, you don’t have to choose just one theme.  Create an open, multipurpose space that the whole family can enjoy.  Kids will need a play area, and the adults need a space to relax!  Home Renovation Company Mesa AZ


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