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In the beginning of any home renovation, there is such a thrill and excitement that is felt when you start to change your home!  There is also a feeling that hangs in the background……you are improving your home, but you can’t help but wonder: Am I going to get all this money back that I am putting in?

It doesn’t matter whether you are putting your home up for sale or planning to live into for the rest of your life, there are projects that pay off, and projects that don’t.  Sometimes it depends on the scale of that project that will make the difference in how much you recoup from the remodel. 

Here is an example.  If you do a major kitchen remodel, spend around $56,000, you can expect to get 68% or so back.  If the remodel is minor, the average cost may be around $19,000, you stand to recoup more money, around 79%. Home Renovation Company Gilbert AZ

The hardest part is resisting the urge to over-renovate.  It’s your money, you can do what you want, but prepare yourself to not take it personally if you don’t get the money out of it that you put in.  The remodel may bleed your heart and soul, but it may fail to add a big boost to your home’s appeal.   

The remodels that seem to recoup the least are the ones that are the most individualized to the home owner; master, garage addition, or bathroom addition.  Best return projects are the more neutral, less personal improvements like siding replacement, garage door replacement and window replacement. Home Renovation Company Gilbert AZ


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