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Choosing the Right Fireplace


There are many things to consider, when it comes to having a fireplace put in your remodel.  Here are some great tips to help you decide which direction to go!  This article mainly focuses on gas fireplaces……but there are a few tips to consider if electric is more your style! 

  1. Main Purpose

What are you looking for the fireplace to accomplish?  Is it heat-efficiency?  Aesthetics?  Both?  You need to communicate this to the person that is helping you pick one out….this will make your selection so much easier.

  1.  Heating more than one room? Skip the fireplace

Trying to save money by letting your fireplace heat the entire house will leave you with a result of an overheated main room, and will have you keeping the fireplace off most of the time.

  1.  Consider a thermostat-controlled, self-modulated Fireplace

If you are looking for heating efficiency, try the fire place mentioned above!  The fireplace can automatically turn up or down while regulating the room’s temperature to what you desire.

  1.  Research trim options  Home Improvement Mesa AZ

Once you know what insert you would like, review the trim designs that are available.  Brochures will often show options that you do not see in the showroom.  You are sure to find something that can blend with your existing style.  


If all else fails, march yourself into a show room and ask as many questions as your heart desires!  You are bound to find the perfect fireplace for your family and home!  Home Improvement Mesa AZ


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