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Finding the Perfect Fireplace

1.   Look at the Fireplace when it’s on and off!

The fire place wont be running all the time, 24 hours a day, all year long.  You need to make sure you like how it looks when there isn’t fire!

2.   Avoid choosing a fireplace that has a heating insert

The best fireplaces are efficient without a fan. Using a fan does help with circulation, but will barely improve the heat output and the fire place will always have noise.  If you choose one with a fan, make sure it has a separate control so you can turn it up/down/on/off when needed. 

3.   Decorative Logs

You want ample space around the log set.  It should easily fit into the fireplace area, and leave some breathing room.  This will ensure the valve does not overheat. 

4.  How do you want to operate the gas fireplace?

There are a number of options available; wall switches, remotes, thermostats.  They can even be operated manually. 

5.   No gas?  Consider an electric fireplace

While gas is usually cheaper, it isn’t always an option.  There are electric fireplaces that are available in several sizes and styles along with different trim styles.  Electric fireplaces do not require venting!  This is a plus because they can be installed anywhere in the home!  Home Improvement Gilbert AZ


The options are limitless!  The most important thing to consider is what YOU want out of a fireplace!  With today’s market, you are sure to find one that is aesthetically pleasing…….so function usually ends up being the main consideration!  Hope this article helped narrow down your choices when it comes to picking the perfect fireplace! Home Improvement Gilbert AZ

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