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Picking Cabinets

In a previous article we discussed choosing framed/not framed cabinets and also whether to purchase in-stock, semi-custom, or custom cabinets.  Once those things have been established, it’s time to move on to the next options! 

Remember, when looking at cabinets, pay close attention to the telltale signs of the quality of cabinet, or maybe lack thereof. 

Next, Hinges or Floating Panels?

Hinges:  Whatever style you want, keep in mind that the hinges need to be durable and adjustable.  When the hinges are adaptable, this allows you to align the doors and frame. 

Floating Panels:  The cabinet’s panels (exposed sides and door panels) are floating, not glued, in the deep grooves inside the cabinet’s frame.  Having no adhesive allows the panels to be able to expand and contract when the temperature changes.  This will help avoid cracks or serious damage to the frame. 


Next is deciding the wood.  It is a good idea to avoid any exotic or heavily designed cabinets.  For most homeowners, having a solid cabinet that functions well and looks nice, is what is wanted.  Good thing is, there is a lot of different wood types that are a time-honored choice among homeowners. Gilbert AZ Professional Remodel Company Near Me

Maple:  Great for traditional and also contemporary designs

Cherry:  Mixes great with other woods; extremely durable

Oak:  Durability is unmatched and also styles well with other finishes (dark or light)

Pine:  Great for that rugged look because of its long continues grain. 


If solid wood isn’t in the budget, high-pressure laminate and Thermofoil are a popular choice for homeowners. 

So now that all the choices have been laid out, the big question.  What’s the cost?  Well, the average median price for cabinet installation is $4600.  Keep in mind, this cost does not include the cabinets or any additional hardware needed.  Gilbert AZ Professional Remodel Company Near Me


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