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Garage Floor Flooring Options

Wanting to upgrade your garage floors?  Consider these options!

Epoxy Paint

This is an extra-tough garage floor coating.  It can resist any marring, chemicals, oil/gas.  Available in many colors, easy to apply, and can be cleaned up with soap and water.

It is a multi-step process.  The floor must be clean and free of any grease or oil.  Holes and cracks should be patched.  The floor should then be sealed with a primer that is made for concrete.   It will require premixing with the base product and hardener before applying. 


Rubber Tiles

These are very DIY friendly.  Rubber tiles have interlocking edges and can be installed without glue.  They are tough and resistant to chemicals, and come in many patterns and colors.  If a tile becomes damaged, it is easy to replace.  The rubber will break down over time, but most rubber garage floorings have a 25-year warranty. Gilbert AZ Flooring Repair

Sheet Vinyl

Extra thick and made to be tough for garage floors.  It is a low cost option if you want to upgrade your garage floor.  It is textured and can resist oils/gas and cleaning fluids.  Easy installation as well. There are also peel and stick vinyl tiles.  Labor intensive, but easy and gives you a great look.   

Carpet Tiles

Yes!  These exist specifically for garage floors.  Made of tough synthetic polymers that can resist oil and other chemicals.  They also can be power washed and are crush proof.  Available in a peel and stick version, as well as tons of colors. Gilbert AZ Flooring Repair


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