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Siding Options for Remodel

Remodeling is something pretty much everyone dreams about at some point in their life.  You can even have the newest home…..but in 2 years, the designs start to change, and you will find yourself wanting that look, instead of the one you chose two years prior.  With all the new shows on HGTV, you can start to feel like your home is not up to par, and wishing Joanna Gaines could come “fix you up”. 

Well, remodeling isn’t cheap……and the key to getting the best bang for your buck, is being very picky about what you decide to remodel. And remember to shop around……all companies are NOT created equal. Here are two things that not only will help extend the life of your home, but will also help you BIG when it comes to resale. 

1. New Siding   Gilbert AZ Best Remodel Company

Today’s vinyl siding has come a long way compared to what was installed even 10 years ago.  New siding includes fade-resistant finishes, and even transferrable lifetime warranties.  According to the 2015 Remodeling Impact Report, $12,000 is the average cost of a vinyl siding replacement job and returns for resale aver around 83%. 

Fiber-cement siding is also making a big payback.  When installed, the average cost is $19,1000 and yields a 70% payback.  It is a bit pricier, but it has the one thing that vinyl still lacks, and that is quality perception. 


Whatever you decide, just remember to call a professional to get the job done right! Gilbert AZ Best Remodel Company

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