Gilbert AZ Bathroom Remodel

Tips For Bathroom Remodel



There are some really beautiful tiles out there to choose from, so when it comes to fixing up the bathroom, it can be the perfect spot to show off some personality and take a risk with a fun color or pattern on the tile.  If you decide to take a risk, keep it to ONE show stopper.  This can make the bathroom look timeless and can create an amazing wow factor.  How big the show stopper area is, is completely up to your design choices! 


If you don’t like to clean, when it comes to choosing a tile for wet areas, you need to go with a porcelain or ceramic tile.  These are pretty much maintenance free.  Tiles that are made from natural stone, while absolutely beautiful, require much more maintenance and also need to be sealed.  They are more pourus and can hold on to dirt and grime a bit more.  If you want texture, just use it in a less “wet” area.  Another tip!  Glass tile.  While it is beautiful, it is SUPER slippery.  So use it somewhere great!  But not the floor! Gilbert AZ Bathroom Remodel


Large scaled tiles are trending right now, especially when it comes to bathroom floors.  If you go in that direction, use the same tile and cut it in all different sizes and use it in a different area of the bathroom. Here’s an example:  If you pick 12x24 tiles for the floor, then use the same tile on the bathroom floor, just in size 2x2.  Gilbert AZ Bathroom Remodel


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