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Screened Porch

Some love the idea of a screened in porch, some feel like it’s to constricting.  In many areas of the country, screens are essential to enjoy the weather much of the year!  If you live in the mountains or dessert……you can enjoy your porch, but so will the racoons, skunks, snakes… get the idea! 

If you love the open look, especially when it comes to the front porch, install a ceiling fan to help keep the flies away!  You can hang mosquito curtains during the peak season, light citronella candles or torches to also keep those pests away. 

Here are some Design Tips!

Whatever your idea is…….the best thing to do is sit on it.  Or at least take a seat in your favorite chair, bench, or swing and make sure to measure how high you can take the railings or screens before you get to hammering!  There is nothing quite worse than spending money and effort in building the perfect screened-in porch only to sit down and enjoy it…….but that beautiful dessert or mountain view has disappeared behind the wall. 

If you main reason for wanting a porch is to stargaze, then you must think about the roof.  There are open-slats or pergola designs that can leave a portion of your porch open so that you can see through to the clear skies at night.  If you want a screened in porch, you could always try a few clear skylights!  Covered Patio Installation Gilbert AZ

Best of both worlds

If you don’t have the money to screen a wrap-around porch, don’t worry!  You don’t have to have that to enjoy being outside!  Shade is a wonderful thing, so maybe just consider screening in a portion of it!  Maybe enclose one end……maybe the area that gets more rain or is more private.  Then leave the rest open!


Did you know you can added shutters to your screened-in porch?  This can make it perfect for enjoying all year round!  Shutters keep the rain out and the cold/heat…..but then can swing open when you want to look outside.  Instead of screens, there is also the option of windows!  This will make it more like a sunroom, but there’s nothing wrong with that!  Covered Patio Installation Gilbert AZ


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