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Best Roof Options For Your Home When you update your existing roof, it allows you to add value to your home.  It also tells the buyer right away what your home looks like….and... Read More »

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Do Trees Add Value to Your Home Did you know that towering trees on the property add more than just beauty to your home---they also increase the value of your home. There have been several... Read More »

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Molding Types for Kitchen Cabinetry Molding of any kind can make a project look custom.  When molding is applied to kitchen cabinetry, the details can help to enhance the most basic... Read More »

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Crown Molding, Is It Right For Your Space? Crown molding is a great architectural feature that really can add value to the home.  It adds a visual presence and can make the home feel... Read More »

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Tips For Bathroom Remodel   1.     STICK TO ONE SHOW STOPPER. There are some really beautiful tiles out there to choose from, so when it comes to fixing up the... Read More »

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Choosing Bathroom Tile Thinking of renovating your bathroom?  Here are some great tips to help you not only choose a tile, but also what to focus on and what not to!  If you need... Read More »

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Screened Porch Some love the idea of a screened in porch, some feel like it’s to constricting.  In many areas of the country, screens are essential to enjoy the weather much of the... Read More »

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To Screen or Not to Screen   I’m not sure it gets any better than a front or back porch ready for you to enjoy the outdoors!  So some wonder, which is better?  To... Read More »

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​​​​​​ Finding the Perfect Fireplace 1.   Look at the Fireplace when it’s on and off! The fire place wont be running all the time, 24 hours a day, all year... Read More »

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Choosing the Right Fireplace   There are many things to consider, when it comes to having a fireplace put in your remodel.  Here are some great tips to help you decide which... Read More »

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  Garage Floor Flooring Options Wanting to upgrade your garage floors?  Consider these options! Epoxy Paint This is an extra-tough garage floor coating.  It can resist... Read More »

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Best Flooring for Garages The garage is the place where the DIY projects come to light.  It’s also the place where tools, paints, lawn equipment, and so much more is stored. ... Read More »

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Cons of Concrete Floors Thinking of changing out your flooring?  Scraping all that tile off……..and possibly refinishing your concrete to look amazing?  Well, check out... Read More »

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Concrete Floors Concrete is becoming a popular flooring material.  It’s incredibly hard and strong---obviously so because it is used for streets and driveways!  It has a ton... Read More »

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Choosing A Front Door When it comes time to install a new entry door, the choices are usually limited to steel, wood, and fiberglass.  Within these three categories, there are definitely... Read More »

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Choosing the best Kitchen Cabinet Hardware As if remodeling choices aren’t overwhelming enough!  But then comes the smaller details that really do make a difference in something... Read More »

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Freshen Up the Home Thinking of spending some extra money to remodel or freshen up the home?  If so, here are some great tips to help you decide which direction to go!  ... Read More »

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Painting the Front Door No one wants their home to just blend into the background!  We want our home to be the best looking home on the street!  Even if you’re aren’t... Read More »

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5 Reasons to Remodel 1.  Sales Potential Thinking about selling your home?  With today’s competitive market and seller’s wanting the most out of their home, the best way... Read More »

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Kitchen Countertops Mention the word “countertops” and most homeowners will say, “granite”. All with good reason of course.  They are visually stunning, durable,... Read More »

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Picking Cabinets In a previous article we discussed choosing framed/not framed cabinets and also whether to purchase in-stock, semi-custom, or custom cabinets.  Once those things have... Read More »

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Designing A Kitchen Options…….something homeowner’s can’t live without!  This is, until, there are just too many!  Options can become a... Read More »

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Basements One of the trickiest areas to design, is the basement.  Usually they are oddly shaped, dark, and limited in what you can do.  It is so easy to feel stuck when... Read More »

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 Stainless Steel Paint Remodel time……..problem is, justifying it sometimes!  You appliances may work just fine…….but a bit out dated for your... Read More »

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Home Renovation In the beginning of any home renovation, there is such a thrill and excitement that is felt when you start to change your home!  There is also a feeling that hangs in the... Read More »

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 Countertop Update Does your kitchen need an update, but maybe the pocket book isn’t quite ready to let go for high dollar finishes?  If so, consider painting or resurfacing... Read More »

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Flooring For Remodels Choosing flooring for a remodel can be a daunting task, especially if you aren’t even sure where to begin.  Here are a couple of popular choices that may... Read More »

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Hardwood or Laminate? Picking the best flooring for your remodel can be a daunting task.  So many flooring options to choose from, and a couple of the most popular choices are Hardwood... Read More »

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Tips For A Bathroom Remodel Sometimes the most complicated thing with a remodel, is where to begin!  Consider these tips before you start your remodel!  Don’t make the... Read More »

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What You Need To Know BEFORE The Bathroom Remodel So here’s some questions for you!  What is the average amount of space required for a toilet?  What does a basic bathroom... Read More »

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Do This, Not That Your dream home…..stainless steel, marble, hip color…….well, just slow down!  First things first, what does your wallet have to say about... Read More »

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Avoid the DIY Mistakes Wanting a new backsplash?  Maybe you’ve done that before…..new faucet?  No problem!  You have become a DIY master. ... Read More »

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Upgrades To The Home Now, when you start Pinning those amazing dream kitchen remodels that you see plastered all over the internet……most of the time, that is not feasible or... Read More »

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Siding Options for Remodel Remodeling is something pretty much everyone dreams about at some point in their life.  You can even have the newest home…..but in 2 years, the designs... Read More »

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Uneven Foundation Sometimes foundational issues are due to the foundation tipping, bowing, or being severely cracked.  If this is the case, it will require substantial reinforcement to... Read More »

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Foundation Problems A foundation repair can be a simple DIY fix or a major construction.  Repair costs will vary, but when in doubt—call a pro!    If your... Read More »

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Picking the Best Color When a remodel happens, that usually always means paint is involved.  Some people know right away what color paint they want in their new space, while other seem... Read More »

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  Great Reasons To Hire A Competent Painting Company   It's really a critical decision to have remodeling during this tough time. Whether big or small scale tasks, Pro1 Remodel... Read More »