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Tips For A Bathroom Remodel

Sometimes the most complicated thing with a remodel, is where to begin!  Consider these tips before you start your remodel!

  1.  Don’t make the toilet he first thing you see when the door opens.

A bathroom designer is your best bet when it comes to the best tried and true tips!  But, this is one tip you will hear!  The reasoning is very simple…….the bathroom door gets left open a lot.  So what this means is when you have a guest in your home and they walk buy, they will see the toilet first.  And believe it or not, the toilet is not the most aesthetically pleasing thing to look at.  If you want a spa-like vibe…….having the toilet front and center will kill the mood for sure!  So what should be the focal point?  ANYTHING but the toilet. 


  1.  Leave the vintage finishes.

Most of the time, the whole point of a remodel is to have a fresh, new look.  But there are somethings that are easier to replace than others.  A great example is in older homes.  The wall tiles will have several coats of concrete and even wire lath.  This can be extremely difficult and costly to remove.  So, maybe keep the vintage tiles and spend your money elsewhere.  Vintage tile can be a cool feature in any remodel. Arizona Remodel Company Near Me Mesa

  1.  Plan the lighting

For a well lit space, the best thing to do is to incorporate layers of task, accent, ambient and decorative lighting. 

  1.  Bathroom dimensions.

You need to know the basic measurements; bathtub for instance and how much space is needed.  Also, the toilet.  This will help you plan the remodel much more efficiently. 

  1.  Get the height right for the sink.

Most countertops are anywhere from 32 to 34 inches from the floor.  But you have to consider the sink.  Will it add or take away from the counter’s height.  If you have a sink that is above-counter, you will want to make your counter height lower so that washing your hands or brushing your teeth is comfortable.  Arizona Remodel Company Near Me Mesa


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